Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to analyze the competitiveness of small-scale beef cattle feedlot enterprises in the Bojonegoro District of East Java Province. Data processing employed quantitative methods using PAM (Policy Analysis Matrix). Analysis of competitiveness was calculated by comparative advantage (Domestic Resources Cost Ratio) and competitive advantage (Private Cost Ratio), resulting in DRC and PCR values respectively of 1.04 and 1.05. This shows that beef cattle feedlots in Bojonegoro are not competitive. Policy implications that can be applied in order for beef cattle feedlots in Bojonegoro to be competitiveness include increasing ADBW (Added Daily Body Weight) amounting to 17.33 percent, equivalent to 0.11 kg per day from the previous ADBW  of 0.55 kg per day. Ways to achieve this include the provision of quality feed and concentrate inputs as well as the necessary counseling for farmers about the importance of quality feed and improving the ability of farmers training and assistance from the local district government in Bojonegoro.

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