Washington (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service) – .. [I]n 2016 Spain opened a new beef market in Indonesia, experiencing an important growth in a short period of time and remaining at the end of 2016 as the fifth Spanish beef non-EU country destination. As for potential new markets, the beef industry points out South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and especially China. ..


Report Highlights:

Spanish swine production has continued an upward trend resulting in the largest EU swine herd and second in EU pork production. This production has resulted in record levels of Spanish pork exports, especially to Asia, making them the third largest pork exporter worldwide after the USA and Germany. Cattle production has also increased in the past few years resulting in increased exports to the Middle East and North Africa. Spain’s animal production sector has focused on opening new export markets in order to drive growth. ..


According to the Spanish swine sector this upward trend will likely continue in 2017 with an estimated increase of four percent to continue supplying the growing markets such as China and Asia.


Spanish pork exports are growing quickly in Asia as a result of the internationalization procedures that the Spanish swine producers and industry together with the support of the Spanish Government, have implemented to meet the increasing demand in Asia.


Spain is a customer-oriented supplier with a variety of cuts and is quick to adapt to Asian customer specifications. Spanish Iberian pork products are unique and open the market doors to Spanish white pork meat in Asia and in the rest of the world. The success of the Spanish pork is due to several factors such as, the integration of the swine and pork sector, a sector very efficiently structured and integrated with a sustainable and safe production model, specialization in all of the areas of the value chain and the global vision of producing to the world as one market.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) Report Number SP1709

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