Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

41st Edition : April 2017.

Key Points 

  • Weak demand from both Indonesia and Vietnam must soon start to put serious downward pressure on northern Australian feeder prices.
  • Spanish beef is being sold at discounts even lower than Indian buffalo as product expiry dates approach.
  • Philippines live cattle prices take an unexpected 10% leap.

Indonesia  :  Slaughter Steers AUD $4.00 / kg live weight (Rp 10,000 = $1AUD) 

The actual price of steers has weakened from an average of Rp41,000 per kg live weight last month to Rp40,000 in April.  The bad news continues for lot feeders with both demand and prices weak.  Discounts of as low as Rp39,000 per kg have been reported for some distressed sales and there is no sign of relief from any direction.

Following a Ministerial direction, Police are regularly visiting feedlots to check on numbers and prices of cattle sold with orders from…

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