Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

I prefer the historical term of the new “Silk Road” to describe the modern trade routes linking China with the rest of the world.  The new, high speed rail line from China to the capital of Laos in Vientiane will certainly provide a silky-smooth 160 km/hour ride through the mountains and valleys of northern Laos with an efficient flat track being facilitated by 63% of the 414 km line constructed of tunnels and bridges.  While similar plans to connect China to Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam are stalled for political, economic and ideological reasons, it appears that Laos has concluded that there is more to gain than to lose by agreeing to participate with this first step in a much grander plan to link all of S. E. Asia to the Chinese railway network.

The rail line from Mohan (Chinese side) to the Lao capital at Vientiane is actually under construction…

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